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Wacky Propaganda

February 19, 2013 Ian McCollum 31

It’s always interesting to look at the propaganda that military organizations put out regarding their opponents – it can often reveal what was particularly worrisome to men in the field at the time. A good […]

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Hythe Gun Camera

February 8, 2013 Ian McCollum 11

Training aircraft gunners has always been a task requiring some creativity, as it requires a lot more than just a paper target for an infantryman to blast away at. In the very early years of […]

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Light MGs

Vickers-Berthier LMG Video

January 28, 2013 Ian McCollum 23

The Vickers-Berthier was a light machine gun that competed with the Bren unsuccessfully for British military use but was adopted by the Indian Army. We had the opportunity to handle a pair of them (an […]

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Submachine Guns

Vesely V-42 Submachine Gun

July 20, 2012 Ian McCollum 12

The Vesely Machine Carbine (aka V-41, V-42, and V-43) was a submachine gun designed in Britain by a Czech refugee named Josek Vesely. In most respects, the Vesely was a typical subgun, firing 9mm Parabellem […]

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Select-fire Rifles

EM2 Video

July 16, 2012 Ian McCollum 24

I offer our Facebook fans the choice of which video they would like to see today, and the result was overwhelmingly the British EM2 rifle. These were made in both .280/30 and 7.62 NATO calibers, […]

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Light MGs

Hotchkiss Portative video

October 24, 2011 Ian McCollum 4

The Hotchkiss Portative was the British variation of a light machine gun used widely in World War I. It was also used by the French, Belgian, and American armies (In the US, it was adopted […]