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Light MGs

Semiauto Madsen LMG Video

June 24, 2013 Ian McCollum 50

The Madsen light machine gun is note-worthy for several reasons – it was the first military-issue light machine gun developed and it was successful enough to remain in production into the 1950s (long after every […]

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Brazilian LAPA FA Modelo 03

June 7, 2013 Ian McCollum 30

Today we have another article by Ronaldo Olive, reprinted with his permission. This was originally published in Jane’s Defense Weekly in 1984, when the LAPA FA-03 was still more or less in prototype phase – […]

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Submachine Guns

Brazil’s Uru SMG

November 23, 2012 Ian McCollum 4

Rough, Rugged, Reliable! by Ronaldo Olive (originally published in Harris Publications’ FULL AUTO magazine) Think of a World War II military Jeep for a moment. Okay? Now,, what have you got in your mind?I can […]

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Submachine Guns

Brazilian INA M953 Submachine Gun

September 12, 2012 Ian McCollum 10

We’re happy to have another article by Ronaldo Olive today (reprinted with his permission – and originally found in Harris Publications’ SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE, 1991) – this time on the INA 953, […]

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Machine pistol

Brazilian PASAM Machine Pistol

August 15, 2012 Ian McCollum 19

We’re happy to have another guest article for you today, this time written by Ronaldo Olive of Brazil. This was originally printed in Combat Handguns in the 1980s, and we’re reprinting it with Ronaldo’s permission […]

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Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon tests

April 6, 2012 Ian McCollum 2

Today we have a copy of an official US testing report on the Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon (a 37mm / 1.5″ model). The testing was carried out between September 1876 and February 1877 at Sandy Hook […]