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Early Pistol Cartridges – What, When & Why?


In a recent discussion with a friend the topic of early automatic pistol cartridges came up. Specifically, looking at the context of which cartridges were actually available at which times, and how this might provide helpful context for understanding why particular cartridges were adopted (or commercially successful) or were not.I decided to see if I […]

RIA: 15mm Belgian Pinfire Revolving Rifle

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.16.58 AM

The pinfire system was a popular type of early self-contained metallic cartridge in Europe, but didn’t find much use in the United States. Pinfire revolvers were made in a variety of calibers from 5mm up to 15mm, and a much smaller number of revolving rifles and carbines were also made. This particular revolving rifle […]

Slow Motion: Steyr-Mannlicher M1905

The 1905 Steyr-Mannlicher was developed by Ferdinand Mannlicher, one of Europe’s most prolific gun designers. It uses the 7.65mm Mannlicher cartridge, which is roughly equivalent to .32 ACP, with a 10-round fixed internal magazine. The 1905 is, in my opinion, a fantastically elegant pistol, handles very well, and has minimal recoil thanks to its light […]

Rock Island Regional Auction – July 2014

Yep, it’s time for another Rock Island Regional Auction this coming weekend! These are typically less valuable guns than the Premier auctions, and most of the lots include multiple guns instead of just one. Sometimes a lot will have a bunch of guns you want, and sometimes just one or two…but it’s always fun to […]

2-Gun Match: Swiss K31 (Video)

I’ve been looking forward to shooting one of the local 2-Gun Action Challenge Matches with a Swiss straight-pull rifle for a while now, and had the chance this past weekend. I was debating between using a Gewehr 1911 (the older style long rifle) or the K31 (newer carbine variant), and so I left it up […]

Monthly 2-Gun Action Challenge Match

In addition to studying and researching unusual firearms, I enjoy shooting, and like to take any opportunity I can get to get trigger time with the more obscure designs out there. The local 2-Gun Action Challenge Match gives me a great opportunity each month to try out a new firearm in an environment designed to […]

Argentine Halcon SMG Family

We have a reprint of an article on the Argentine Halcon SMG written by Ronaldo Olive today, originally published in Gun Tests in the early 90s. These are pretty tough guns to find information on (especially for us norteamericanos), and Ronaldo has done an excellent job of explaining the different models and their development – […]

Argentine Halcon SMG

We don’t have very much information on the Halcon SMG from Argentina, but we do have a training manual for the gun to make available. As best I can tell there were at least 5 variants of the Halcon, which were made from 1943 until 1960. These include both 9mm and .45 ACP versions, with […]

My New (Old) Carry Pistol

I recently picked up a new carry pistol…it’s about 65 years old, rattles a bit when you shake it, has a bit of pitting on the slide, and the finish is worn off all the corner and edges. I think it’s a great carry piece. It’s an Argentine Ballester-Molina, surplussed from Argentina Navy service and […]