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Selling Some Parts Kits and Rifles

We need to clean out some space in the gun room and raise a bit of money for some projects, so it’s time to sell off some of the duplicate rifles (and a couple parts kits) from the reference collection. We’ve got Enfields, MAS semiautos, a bunch of Mausers, and others. The parts kits are a Degtyarev DTM and a Madsen-Saetter. Expand the post to see all the photos (there are a ton of them) and descriptions…

If you see anything you just can’t live without, send us an email at admin@forgottenweapons.com!

Parts Kits

SOLD, pending receipt of funds. 1. Madsen Saetter parts kit that would be a great opportunity for someone looking for a cool and unique build (post-sample or semi). It’s a 1950s era belt-fed in .30-06 (you can download a manual here: http://www.forgottenweapons.com/madsen-saetter-manual/). Unlike the recent batch of kits, this one is not cut through any important areas – the barrel socket and locking lug areas are completely intact. The bore is in very good shape, and the barrel is intact. The lower assembly has tons of room for working out a semiauto FCG. All the parts are there, including the locking shoulders (which are interchangeable to correct headspace) and a few additional spares (firing pin and spring, extractor, two extractor springs). Does not include a belt or links (I’m not sure what type it uses). The outside is a bit beat up, but it’s mechanically in good shape and complete. $1350 shipped

[nggallery id=163]



All prices include shipping in the continental US (your FFL must be willing to receive a rifle from a non-licensee). Click on any photo to see it much larger.

SOLD, pending receipt of funds. 1. 7.62 NATO Ishapore Enfield. Dark bore; should clean up. Nice for someone who wants the fast Enfield action in a more common caliber than .303. $255 shipped

3. Scrubbed Czech VZ24 (no markings on receiver top). Mismatched numbers, poor bore. Caliber 8mm Mauser. $190 shipped

4. Turkish K.Kale Mauser. Bore is good to very good, and bolt is mismatched. Dated 1943. Caliber 8mm Mauser. $205 shipped

5. Another Turkish K.Kale Mauser, this one with a light stamp for the date – I think it’s 1940. Numbers are mismatched, but the bore is very good. Caliber 8mm Mauser. $205 shipped



9. Model 98/22 Mauser. Made in Czechoslovakia and used by Turkey. Has early rounded Brno markings, and a Turkish rear sight. Mismatched, but a very good bore. Basically a Gewehr 98 with a flat rear sight. Caliber 8mm Mauser. $230 shipped


SOLD, pending receipt of funds. 10. Another 7.62mm Ishapore Enfield. Dated 1968, excellent bore and mismatched numbers. $280 shipped


11. French MAS 49/56. Bore is dark and handguard cracked. In the original caliber, 7.5×55 French. $380 shipped



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