Machine Gun DVD on Sale – 30% off

If you’ve been putting off buying a copy of our Machine Gun DVD, now is your chance – we’re putting it on sale for one week, at 30% off.  Until Monday the 12th, it is just $27.95 for the more than 200 manuals covering assembly, repair, and operation of tons of unusual machine guns. It’s got Swedish dual-mount Brownings, all manner of Maxim guns, the experimental Colt CMG-2, and a whole pile more.

Sample from the Machine Guns DVD - 1889 Maxim manual
Sample from the Machine Guns DVD – 1889 Maxim manual

The complete contents are too long to list right here, so check out the full list here: Machine Gun Manuals DVD Complete Contents. These aren’t your typical bland manuals that you find floating around the internet – it is a collection of the most interesting and unusual items we have found in many years of collecting. It will be a long time before they are put up on the web site, so this is your chance to get it all for your reference library. And need we remind you that Christmas is rapidly approaching? Our DVD is the perfect gift for the gun nut in your life who needs something new to check out!

Machine Gun Manual DVD sample - 1889 Maxim

For more details on the DVD, take a look at our full description – and to place your order just click over to the sales page and enter your zip code (or country) at the top.

Thanks! Your purchase helps keep Forgotten Weapons around and providing fun and informative new content every day!

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