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US T24 Machine gun (MG42)

The US War Department requested that the Saginaw Steering Gear division of General Motors build two prototype copies of the German MG42 in .30-06 for military testing. Note the American-style rear sight and bipod. We have the Aberdeen photos of one of these machine guns and the original report from its first test.

Testing Reports

US Army T24 testing report

US Army T24 testing report



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4 comments to US T24 Machine gun (MG42)

  • John Coleman

    I remember H&R made two MG34′s in 30-06. It took them a whole year to figure out that the bolt didn’t have enough travel for the cartridge. By that time, it was determined that the MG34 required too much machine work to put into production. I have been looking for more information on them.

    • bjarne

      Norway rebid all the MG34 the Germans left here in 45 first to 3006 (MG34f1)and then to 7,62 x 51 nato (MG34f2)so this is not right.

  • John Coleman

    The US-made MG-34′s were not conversions but strict copies of the 8 mm model with a 30-06 barrel. They never worked right but even if they had, it was determined the amount of machining and work required was too much to bother making them. It may well be possible to modify the original design to work with 30-06 but the two initial US-made models did not work properly and no effort was made to modify them to work.

  • Jacob Morgan

    Saginaw mainly made 30 caliber machineguns and M1 carbines. First job after college was at one of the other (post-war) Sagainaw Steering plants, but did visit the plant that had done the war production (plant #2) once. A massive plant with machinery jammed in every which place, that facility made the actual steering gears, while other plants made pumps, CV joints, half-shafts, and steering columns. Once during some construction a wall was opened up and some M1 carbines were found–some worker had stashed the there during the war hoping to retrieve them later, but never did. Of course the police were called, and who knows where they ended up.

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