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Japanese Pedersen

A Japanese experimental copy of the Pedersen rifle. Note the Arisaka style front cap and sight, as well as the rotary magazine used in place of en-bloc clips.


Download this gallery in high resolution


Carbines for Collectors has more photos (in color, too) of a second such rifle.  Another is pictured on page 69 of Hatcher’s Book of the Garand:

2 comments to Japanese Pedersen

  • seirou date

    It is a “shisei jidou shoujyu ko-gata” is the name of this automatic rifles.
    shisei = Trial production or Prototype
    jidou shoujyu = automatic rifle
    ko-gata = Type A (ko = A, otsu = B, hei = C, tei = D)

    This gun has not been left entirely to Japan.
    This gun is very valuable.

    I have heard this gun is assumed to be the collection of the Museum of Aberdeen.
    I’d like to see us go to America some day.

    You’re a great study. Respect.

    • Earl Liew

      Hello, Seirou Date :

      Your comments have been very informative and helped me to understand more about Japanese firearms nomenclature. Thank you for your contribution to the knowledge pool!

      With Best Regards,
      Earl Liew

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