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Vintage Saturday: Bark!

Really, how am I supposed to bite Russians wearing this thing?(photo from

Finnish dog wearing a canine gas mask during the Winter War.

Vintage Saturday: Captured

Note the distinctive palanca of the JoLoAr pistol being held on the captured Nationalist officer. Identity of the officer unknown, photo taken July 1938.

Antifascists holding a captured officer at gunpoint with a JoLoAr pistol during the Spanish Civil War.

Check back Monday for a video on the JoLoAr!


Vintage Saturday: Spare a Rifle?

Chauchats are better than nothing when Stalin is your neighbor

Lots of Mosin-Nagant rifles, and we’re guessing also Swedish Mausers. Plus, of course, the two Chauchats and a Maxim 1910. Thanks to Dave for the photo!

Vintage Saturday: Borrowing from Neighbors

Not allowed to make your own guns? Just get ‘em from across the border!

German soldiers training with a Czech CZ30(t) machine gun, a refined Vickers gun used mostly for air service. Thanks to Beryl for the photo!


Vintage Saturday: Before SWAT

Also available for labor relations assistance!

New York City policemen on an Indian motorcycle, with a Colt 1895 machine gun mounted rather ad-hoc on the sidecar (May 18, 1918). Thanks to Patrick for the photo!

Vintage Saturday: Kiwi Rambo

Sure, YOU go tell him it’s a bad idea (photo from; click to enlarge)

Since we were just looking at Bren drums yesterday, here’s a New Zealand trooper in the desert somewhere with a pair of them…


Vintage Saturday: A Long Way From Home

The Lebel with that epee bayonet was a really long weapon.

Malagasy soldier from the French army, World War I. Armed with a M1886/93 Lebel rifle and early style bayonet with hooked quillion.

Vintage Saturday: Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance

Your plans have gone pretty far wrong already if you’re practicing butt-stroking someone with a scoped rifle

Cuban exiles training in Florida for the Bay of Pigs invasion, with scoped M1941 Johnson rifles.

(coming Monday, a video on the Johnson…)


Vintage Saturday: Mausers on the Silk Road

Original caption: Masib, Ahmad, Haji, Abdullah, Kara-khoja outlaws at Panopa shelter huts, Panopa, Xinjiang, China [c1915] MA Stein

Commentary from the photographer:

Full-length portrait of the four men, standing in a line with rifles. ‘While halting for the night I had an interesting opportunity of becoming acquainted with a small party of well-armed outlaws from [...]

Vintage Saturday: Night Vision

Stealthy night vision is somewhat compromised by the sound of a halftrack roaming around.

German SdKfz 251 “Falke” with an MG42 machine gun and IR scope and spotlight.