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The Vault

Vintage Saturday: Winter Watch

I bet they’re pretty cold even under those fur coats (click to enlarge)

Bulgarian troops in the First World War, with fixed bayonets on a Steyr M95 rifle and carbine.

Vintage Saturday: Trench Mag

He has to stay on guard duty, so his mates came to him for the group photo (picture from Drake Goodman – click to enlarge)

German sentry in the trenches during September 1916 with a periscope and a Gewehr 98 equipped with an extended 20-round trench magazine.


Vintage Saturday: Deadly Beard

Is the beard an extension of the hat, or is the hat an extension of the beard? We will never know.

Momčilo Đujić, Chetnik commander during WWII – armed with a Yugoslav-contract ZB-30J light machine gun. (photo from Last Stand on Zombie Island)


Vintage Saturday: Far From Home II

Congratulations on your status as French colony, Senegal! Now we’re going to take you to a freezing European forest to fight Germans.

Senegalese Free French soldiers at the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, armed with a British Bren and an American 1903 Springfield. The helmets are American ones, emblazoned with the anchor emblem [...]

Vintage Saturday: Marines on Crete

Italian marines at Sitia, on the east end of Crete, armed with M38 Carcano rifles and an M37 Breda heavy machine gun.

Vintage Saturday: Tonight’s Raid

And the target for tonight’s raid is… (photo from SA-Kuva)

Finnish soldiers with m/31 Suomi submachine guns (and a pinup photo).

Vintage Saturday: Island Hopping

Enemy ammo crate make the best shooting positions.

American Marine aiming an M1 Garand on Iwo Jima. Note the WW1-style trench knife tucked in behind his canteen.

Vintage Saturday: Bigger is Better

Das ist was sie sagte! (photo source)

The German WWI light minenwerfer worked so well that it was scaled up to a medium-sized version. And then a heavy version. And then the very heavy 38cm version.

Vintage Saturday: Ancient Superpower

Greek soldiers in the winter of 1940/41, fighting Italy. Note the 1903 Mannlicher-Schönauer rifle, one of very few military rifles to use a rotary magazine.

Vintage Saturday: Not for Squeamish Collectors

“Some assembly required” (photo: Drake Goodman)

Russian Colt 1895 machine gun destroyed on the Eastern front, WWI.