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The Vault

Vintage Saturday: Island Hopping

Enemy ammo crate make the best shooting positions.

American Marine aiming an M1 Garand on Iwo Jima. Note the WW1-style trench knife tucked in behind his canteen.

Vintage Saturday: Bigger is Better

Das ist was sie sagte! (photo source)

The German WWI light minenwerfer worked so well that it was scaled up to a medium-sized version. And then a heavy version. And then the very heavy 38cm version.

Vintage Saturday: Ancient Superpower

Greek soldiers in the winter of 1940/41, fighting Italy. Note the 1903 Mannlicher-Schönauer rifle, one of very few military rifles to use a rotary magazine.

Vintage Saturday: Not for Squeamish Collectors

“Some assembly required” (photo: Drake Goodman)

Russian Colt 1895 machine gun destroyed on the Eastern front, WWI.

Vintage Saturday: On Maneuvers

Looks a bit verdant for North Africa…

Zouaves on maneuvers with M1886 Lebel rifles, in 1909.

Vintage Saturday: Mountaineer

Join the Army; see the world (photo from WarAlbum.ru)

Not sure which army exactly, but he has a PPSh-41 (or copy) and plenty of rope…

Vintage Saturday: Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Parabellum 1914 MG in gunnery school, Belgium, 1918 (photo from Drake Goodman)

Vintage Saturday: Everyone Likes Kittens

And kittens love anything that can be batted at.

The lighter side of war – German soldiers in a halftrack playing with a kitten and their MG34 mount (note the periscope optic. Photo from WarAlbum.ru.


Vintage Saturday: Trench Periscope

German soldier using a somewhat primitive trench periscope with a Mauser rifle, circa 1916 (photo from Drake Goodman)

Vintage Saturday: Mission Critical Equipment

Ja, even zee anchor is essential equipment! (photo from Drake Goodman)

A German WWI pioneer displays (rather sarcastically) the gear he has to carry – complete with wagon, ladder, 2-man saw, naval anchor, axe, sledgehammer, and pipe (click to see the full size version). The more things change, the more they stay the same…