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Vintage Saturday: Night Vision

Stealthy night vision is somewhat compromised by the sound of a halftrack roaming around.

German SdKfz 251 “Falke” with an MG42 machine gun and IR scope and spotlight.

Vintage Saturday: Parade Gear

“But Sarge, how do I reload this thing?”“Eh, we’ll stick Garcia on the back of the bike to do it”

Motorcycle of the Guanabara Police Department, sporting a Hotchkiss 1914 heavy machine gun. Rio de Janeiro, 1960. Thanks to Ronaldo Olive for the photo!


Vintage Saturday: Wood-Spoked Technical

The grandfather of today’s super-tactical recon dune buggies.

British soldiers with a Lewis-gun-armed truck in Palestine. Photo courtesy of reader Ruy A. Thanks, Ruy!