Semiauto Rifles

The .32ACP Dreyse Light Carbine

December 2, 2017 Ian McCollum 35

Manufactured by Rheinmetall and designed by Louis Stange, this light .32ACP (7.65mm Browning) carbine is a bit of a mysterious item. Very little written information exists about it, but we know it was sold on […]

Semiauto Rifles

Valmet M62/S: The AK in Finland

November 7, 2017 Ian McCollum 22

After the Winter War and Continuation War, Finland settled a peace treaty with the Soviet Union, and started looking to modernize its infantry rifles – something semiautomatic was needed to replace the Mosin Nagants it […]


Prototype Gustloff MKb-42(G) aka Model 206

September 27, 2017 Ian McCollum 18

This is a reposting of a video from September 2016 with a new introduction. The recent publication of the new and expanded edition of Hans-Dieter Handrich’s book “Sturmgewehr!” has revealed new information about the history […]

Semiauto Rifles

Shooting the Norinco QBZ/Type 97 NSR

September 9, 2017 Ian McCollum 27

Today it’s time to take the Norinco QBZ-97 – aka Type 97 NSR – out to the range for some shooting! This is the Canadian semiautomatic-only legal version of China’s new military rifle, and it […]