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The Vault

Japanese Type 97 Tank Machine Gun

While in Las Vegas last week, I stopped into Battlefield Vegas to check out some interesting machine guns (and join Tim from Military Arms Channel for a video). While there, the owner took the time to pull this Type 97 Japanese tank machine gun out of his personal collection for me to take a look [...]

Vintage Saturday: Why They Make Tripods Like That

He’s exhausted from carrying that gun. It’s just about the heaviest MMG ever conceived, and the tripod’s no lightweight either.

Waffen-SS soldier manning a Czech ZB-37 machine gun on its tripod. Note that the articulated tripod legs have been put to good use mounting the gun up on a large rock that offers some [...]

Vintage Saturday: Not for Squeamish Collectors

“Some assembly required” (photo: Drake Goodman)

Russian Colt 1895 machine gun destroyed on the Eastern front, WWI.

Vintage Saturday: Everyone Likes Kittens

And kittens love anything that can be batted at.

The lighter side of war – German soldiers in a halftrack playing with a kitten and their MG34 mount (note the periscope optic. Photo from WarAlbum.ru.


Vintage Saturday: Borrowing from Neighbors

Not allowed to make your own guns? Just get ‘em from across the border!

German soldiers training with a Czech CZ30(t) machine gun, a refined Vickers gun used mostly for air service. Thanks to Beryl for the photo!


Vintage Saturday: Before SWAT

Also available for labor relations assistance!

New York City policemen on an Indian motorcycle, with a Colt 1895 machine gun mounted rather ad-hoc on the sidecar (May 18, 1918). Thanks to Patrick for the photo!

Book Review: Testing the War Weapons

I was pretty excited to dig into Tim Mullin’s Testing The War Weapons when I first got a copy of it, having already read his book on SMGs, shotguns, and machine pistols cover to cover. I quite enjoyed that volume, and I figured that this one would be better still, being twice the length [...]

FIAT Model 1924 Manual

My knowledge of Italian machine guns is rather lacking, so I was pretty excited when I received a copy of a FIAt Model 1924 manual from our friend Hrachya. However, it has really created more questions than it answered…as best I can tell, the Model 1924 was never accepted by any military service, but did [...]

Vintage Saturday: Join the Army, See the World

Odd, the recruiting officer must have forgotten to mention this part of the job…

German soldier carrying a captured DS-39 machine gun and tripod over a pretty bleak steppe.


Vintage Saturday: Fire on Ice

Wars are never held in comfortable places, are they?

US troops manning a Browning 1919A4 in Alaska.