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The Vault

Vintage Saturday: Not for Squeamish Collectors

“Some assembly required” (photo: Drake Goodman)

Russian Colt 1895 machine gun destroyed on the Eastern front, WWI.

Vintage Saturday: Everyone Likes Kittens

And kittens love anything that can be batted at.

The lighter side of war – German soldiers in a halftrack playing with a kitten and their MG34 mount (note the periscope optic. Photo from WarAlbum.ru.


Vintage Saturday: Borrowing from Neighbors

Not allowed to make your own guns? Just get ‘em from across the border!

German soldiers training with a Czech CZ30(t) machine gun, a refined Vickers gun used mostly for air service. Thanks to Beryl for the photo!


Vintage Saturday: Before SWAT

Also available for labor relations assistance!

New York City policemen on an Indian motorcycle, with a Colt 1895 machine gun mounted rather ad-hoc on the sidecar (May 18, 1918). Thanks to Patrick for the photo!

Book Review: Testing the War Weapons

I was pretty excited to dig into Tim Mullin’s Testing The War Weapons when I first got a copy of it, having already read his book on SMGs, shotguns, and machine pistols cover to cover. I quite enjoyed that volume, and I figured that this one would be better still, being twice the length [...]

FIAT Model 1924 Manual

My knowledge of Italian machine guns is rather lacking, so I was pretty excited when I received a copy of a FIAt Model 1924 manual from our friend Hrachya. However, it has really created more questions than it answered…as best I can tell, the Model 1924 was never accepted by any military service, but did [...]

Vintage Saturday: Join the Army, See the World

Odd, the recruiting officer must have forgotten to mention this part of the job…

German soldier carrying a captured DS-39 machine gun and tripod over a pretty bleak steppe.


Vintage Saturday: Fire on Ice

Wars are never held in comfortable places, are they?

US troops manning a Browning 1919A4 in Alaska.

Vintage Saturday: A Pile O’ Browning

Who wants to learn how to set the headspace on a new barrel?


Darne Mle 1923 Manual

In 1915, the French Darne company – best known for sporting shotguns – entered the military market with a contract to manufacture Lewis guns for the French Army. Apparently some of the folks at Darne thought they could do better than the Lewis, and the company developed its own machine gun design during the war.