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Uruguay’s Forgotten Mauser: the Dovitiis


Uruguay’s Model 1871/94 Mauser conversions – known usually as either Daudetau or Dovitiis Mausers – are a really interesting story of arms history. It begins with Antonio Dovitiis, and Italian tailor and merchant of military supplies in Montevideo, who wound up with the job of procuring some new arms for the Uruguayan military, which […]

Type 99 Arisaka Sniper Rifles (Video)


4x Nagoya: https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/69/1441 2.5x Kokura: https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/69/1446

The Japanese Army made significant use of snipers (or in today’s terminology, designated marksmen) as part of its infantry combined arms doctrine, and produced about 22,000 Type 97 sniper rifles for use in WWII and the Sino-Japanese War. In 1941, shortly after the adoption of the new 7.7mm […]

Rod Bayonet M1903 Springfield (Video)


The US military adopted the Model 1903 Springfield rifle in 1903, replacing the short-lived Krag-Jorgenson rifle. However, the 1903 would undergo some pretty substantial changes in 1905 and 1906 before becoming the rifle we recognize today. The piece in todays video is an original Springfield produced in 1904, before any of these changes took […]

Turner Semiauto SMLE Conversion (Video)


Russell Turner was a Pennsylvania gunsmith and inventor who developed this semiautomatic conversion of an SMLE bolt action rifle circa 1940. It was intended for trial and potential sale to the Canadian military, as it would allow them to retrofit existing rifles into semiautomatic configuration and still use existing supplies of .303 British ammunition. […]

Vintage Saturday: Austrian Prisoners

Austrian prisoners in Murmansk, 1916

Austrian prisoners of war in Murmansk, 1916 (from Prokudin-Gorsky.org – click to enlarge)

This photo is an original color picture, not a modern colorization – taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky, a pioneer of color photography. Also of interest, note that the Russian guard on the far left is armed with a Berdan II rifle […]

Steyr M95 Semiauto Conversion (Video)


This rifle is a Steyr M95 straight-pull carbine that has been converted into a semiauto by adding a gas piston under the barrel connected to the bolt carrier, and an extension to the stock and receiver for the bolt to travel in. The pistol grip was added so that the trigger group could remain […]

Vintage Saturday: Snipers in Shorts

French soldiers in Chad in 1971

French soldiers in Chad in 1971

The man in the front has an FR-F1, a French-issue sniper’s rifle roughly based on the MAS-36. The man others appear to have MAS 49/56 semiauto rifles. And of course, it wouldn’t be a desert deployment in the 70s without short-shorts!


Vintage Saturday: Lined up on the Somme

French and British troops on the Somme, 1918

French and British troops on the Somme, 1918

Actions of the Somme Crossings. Men of the 20th British Division and the 22nd French Division in hastily dug rifle pits covering a road, Nesle sector, 25th March 1918.


the Frenchman in the foreground has a Modele 1892 Mosqueton, and the British man behind him […]

Vintage Saturday: Marching Finns

Finnish troops marching

Finnish troops marching with an assortment of arms (source: SA-Kuva archives)

The three guys on the left all have Mosin-Nagants, the middle guy has an LS-26, next guy to the right has an m/31 Suomi, and the far right man has a Winchester 1895 lever action form the Russian 7.62x54R contract.


USMC Winchester Model 70 Sniper


This Winchester M70 was a rifle owned by the Captain of the Camp Pendleton rifle team, and as such it is an excellent authentic example of the US sniper rifle of the early Vietnam era. It is chambered for the .30-06 cartridge, with a Winchester heavy target barrel and shorter stock. The scope is […]