US troops demonstrating use of an M1916 37mm gun

Vintage Saturday: Fire Support

November 1, 2014 Ian McCollum 39

One of the photos that didn’t make the cut for the 2015 Forgotten Weapons Calendar: US troops demonstrating use of an M1916 37mm gun. Note how the ammo is supplied on a cloth belt – […]

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Vintage Saturday: Shaped Charge

July 19, 2014 Ian McCollum 22

  This contraption is a Hungarian M1944 (1944 Mintá = 44M) double AT Projector (dupla páncéltörövetö) aka the Buzogányvető (= the Mace). Only 700 units were made, and they served as HE/AT weapona. The warheads […]

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More Ammo Documents

May 30, 2014 Ian McCollum 2

Continuing with the stash of ammunition documents from Robert, we have two more today (this is making me feel a bit like WikiLeaks…). First up is a German pamphlet on WWII airborne weapons ammo. This […]

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Granatenwerfer 16

May 7, 2014 Ian McCollum 47

Developed from a weapon originally designed by a priest, of all people, in the Austro-Hungarian army, the Granatenwerfer 16 was a German WWI grenade thrower which bridged the gap between hand-thrown grenades and the light […]