Carl Gustaf manual

Some other projects are preventing me from having the time to write much this week, so I’ll be posting a few more manuals before we get back to some more photo sets. Today, I’ve got one for the Swedish Carl Gustaf  submachine gun. Also known as the m/45 or Swedish K, this piece was developed during WWII based on observation of the other similar submachineguns of the day (Sten, MP40, PPSh, PPS). It was a simple and effective blowback design that fired only in fully automatic. Thanks to some US use in Vietnam, it has gained a bit more recognition than other similar SMGs of the era. It was also licensed to Egypt (produced as the Port Said) and copied by Smith & Wesson as the Model 76.

Carl-Gustaf Submachine Gun manual (English)

Carl Gustaf M45


  1. FCA man , seems the IRA were some of the first to appreciate the 1921 Thompson. Recall seeing a non go area in northern Ireland and the masked IRA guys had ’21 guns with 50 round drums ! So much for British “gun control” . Even James Bond has to carry a German gun.

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